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The Centre for Sleep & Human Performance is a fully accredited, medical sleep lab and testing facility that has been in operation for nearly 15 years.  We provide sleep screening, initial consults, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the full spectrum of sleep disorders and sleeping problems including:  Sleep apnea (snoring); Insomnia; Excessive daytime sleepiness including narcolepsy; Shift work/jet lag/delayed sleep phase; Movement disorders such as restless legs syndrome; Parasomnias (e.g., sleep walking, night terrors and violent behavior in sleep); and Sport performance and training related sleep issues. Investigations may include sleep testing by in-home overnight monitoring (level III) or overnight sleep studies, which are done in the sleep lab (level I). We help people with all types of sleep problems get more sleep.

Sleep Doctors



Medical Director

Dr. Samuels is the Medical Director of the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Samuels is board certified in Sleep Medicine with the American Board of Sleep Medicine. He has a clinical background in Rural and Urban Family Medicine.

Dr. Samuels is a clinical trial researcher with a special interest in the scientific study of the effect of drugs on psychological processes and behavioral activity and obesity. He has acted as a primary and co-investigator on over 20 clinical trials from Phase II to Phase IV. He has served as the Vice-Chair of the Research Ethics Review Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta from 2000-2003. Dr. Samuels is currently the lead investigator for the Calgary Police Service Health and Human Performance Research Initiative, which is a long-term research project exploring the impact of rotating shift work on health and performance of police officers. This project is part of a North American collaboration including Harvard University, New York State University Buffalo and Washington State University.

Dr. Samuels is also co-investigator in a unique study funded by "Own the Podium" which explores the relationship of sleep on recovery and performance in elite Canadian athletes. He has served as a sleep and performance consultant for the Calgary Flames and the OAR Northwest Africa to Americas Expedition.


  • Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine
  • Medical Director, Centre for Sleep & Human Performance
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary, Faculty of Kinesiology
  • Co-Investigator and Clinical Director, RCMP: Fatigue Management Strategy, F Division
  • Principal Investigator, Own the Podium Sleep and Recovery Research Initiative
Dr. Joseph Askin, M.D., F.C.F.P., Somnologist (ESRS)

Dr. Joseph Askin, M.D., F.C.F.P., Somnologist (ESRS)

Dr. Askin has practiced general sleep medicine at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance in Calgary since leaving family practice in 2007. He received his medical education at the Universities of Calgary (1989) and Alberta (1991).  He holds the designation Somnologist – Expert in Sleep Medicine from the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) and has trained in life-coaching and medical cognitive behavioural therapy. He provides comprehensive care to patients with the full range of sleep/wake disorders and has a special interest in cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi). He has conducted workshops and written articles on various aspects of sleep, work-life balance, and bio-medical ethics.

Dr. Robert Cohen, M.D., CCFP, Somnologist (ESRS)

Dr. Robert Cohen, M.D., CCFP, Somnologist (ESRS)

Dr. Cohen received his MD from Dalhousie University in 1998 and completed his Family Medicine training at the University of Alberta. He holds the designation Somnologist – Expert in Sleep Medicine from the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS).  He practiced a broad scope of community-based Family Medicine prior to joining the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance in 2006, where he provides comprehensive care of all sleep disorders.

Dr. Cohen has given invited presentations to public and professional audiences in the areas of insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and sleep in medical disorders. His current areas of interest are the primary care approach to sleep disorders and the management of shift work sleep disorder.  

Dr. Cohen enjoys teaching Family Medicine Residents at the Centre with mentoring them with their Sleep Medicine training. He also enjoys working with shift workers and helping them best manage their sleep.

Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialists

Dr. Katherine Rasmussen, ND, B.Ed, BA

Dr. Katherine Rasmussen, ND, B.Ed, BA

Director, Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program

Dr. Rasmussen is the Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance. She works to develop, facilitate, and manage this program to support an interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis, management, and treatment of sleep disorders. She also focuses on community education and wellness and presents regularly to corporate and public audiences.

In addition to her post-graduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Rasmussen holds bachelor’s degrees in education from Queen's University, and in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. She possesses expertise in behavioral sleep medicine including cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), circadian rhythm disorders, and chronotherapy, as well as health promotion, public speaking, community-based organizations, nutrition, and environmental health. She has 15+ years’ experience in childhood andadult education, and 10+ years’ clinical health care experience, including operations and general management.

Affiliations and Appointments:
Member, Canadian Sleep Society
Member, Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors
Member, College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta

Dr. Marnie Cooke, ND

Dr. Marnie Cooke, ND

As a Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance, Dr. Cooke, ND, combines her strong background in integrative medicine with her position as a key member of the Centre’s committed, cross-disciplinary team, to assist people in overcoming a full spectrum of sleep disorders and sleeping problems.

Her track record supporting people in achieving lifestyle balance to enhance quality of life is something she applies when assisting her patients in seeking and realizing comprehensive solutions to sleep issues. Employing active listening techniques, Dr. Cooke, ND, utilizes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia in order to optimize treatment, increase compliance, and improve clinical outcomes.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and being licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Cooke’s further areas of knowledge and study support and inform her practice. Her professional development on topics including trauma, mindfulness, and more, facilitates a big-picture view of patient needs and drives effective, patient-centred approaches to treatment.

Throughout her education and practice, Dr. Cooke, ND, has always believed that sleep is a key component of good health and she’s delighted to have the opportunity to help patients get the necessary, high quality sleep they require to thrive and enjoy life.

When she's not in her office at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance, Dr. Cooke enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and cycling.

Support Team



Our highly trained and fully registered sleep technologists (RPSGT*) manage your overnight observation to ensure you have a comfortable yet informative night in our state-of-the-art lab.  A private room with comfortable beds provides a home-like environment to optimize your sleep behaviours and trends.  The facility also offers patient access to a TV lounge and bathrooms and showers.

*The Registered Polysomnographic Technologist™ (RPSGT) is an internationally recognized credential representing the highest certification in the field for the health care professionals who clinically assess patients with sleep disorders.



Our administrative team is committed to providing you with rapid access to our Sleep Physicians and the state-of-the-art sleep test lab at the Centre for Sleep & Human Performance. Our professionals make certain your visit to the clinic and/or sleep lab is informative and value-added.   If you have any questions regarding a new or upcoming appointment, please contact us at patients@centreforsleep.com.

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